PLEASE NOTE: All pieces are made to order, production time is 6 to 8 weeks

Talismanic Adornment



Upon adorning a JEDIKA Jewellery piece, the desire to run wild and free under moon will rise. The earth under your feet will kiss your soles as they stomp in appreciation to a beat that pumps the stars through your veins.

The confines of every day societal life will melt away as you embrace your inner gremlin and join the universal ancient howl of bliss and gratitude to the universe, heard through the dancing leaves on the trees and felt amongst the quivering wisps of raised hair down your spine.

This song has been sung throughout eternity, and it was written by you.

By the sun, by the moon, by the mountains and ocean.

It was written to remind you that you are free.

Free to be your most delectable, voluptuous, feral, sexy, wrinkly, sassy, scrumptious, raw version of yourself that you can be, and free to flick a giant sloppy fuck you to anyone that tries to put out your spark.


Each one of a kind JEDIKA Jewellery piece is a token of embodiment to the beauty of raw human form and experience. By deconstructing our socially conditioned ideals of perfection, we are left with an open platform to feel comfortable in our imperfections, and wear them with pride as we shimmer like a raw little jelly bean upon the surface of a new world.


The desire to encapsulate the essence of raw human experience and transform the beauty of imperfect nature into one of a kind pieces of wearable art is the driving force behind Jed’s body of work. The playful nature of spontaneity in conjunction with pushing the boundaries of what is stereotypically seen as beautiful plays an endearing role in what makes Jed’s work so unique.


Every one of a kind piece is birthed deep in the recesses of Jed’s subconscious mind, then delicately dribbles its way down and out of the hands she is so grateful for. They continue on their journey of being brought to life by every ounce of the process being lovingly hand fabricated through the art of lost wax. They are finally cast in ethically sourced precious metal and ready to frolic off on their next adventure to dance under the moonlight, adorned upon the boddess of an incredible creature, such as yourself.


Ethical sourcing and sustainable production play a substantial role in Jed’s making process and morals. From chemical free pickle, flux and eco friendly vegan production products, to up cycled gemstones and metal, and recycled packaging. Learn more about this here

Jed believes in the importance of a visible supply chain, supporting artisanal miners and small scale gem cutters, and is passionate about attaining as many materials from this growing community of ethical minded small businesses as possible.


Creating awareness about ethical and sustainable making is also an essential aspect of this journey for Jed, she deeply appreciates your support in her endeavor to lightly tip toe along the path of ethical creators, and encourages you to develop your own understanding as to why this process is so important.


JEDIKA Jewellery was birthed in hopes to encourage and inspire anyone who wants to embrace the imperfect nature of human experience with open hands, and run around open mouthed in excitement with it dripping down in between their fingers, spear it all over their naked body and embrace their existence as the perfectly imperfect creature that they are.