PLEASE NOTE: All pieces are made to order, production time is 6 to 8 weeks

Customer Care



Customer care


As your new talisman was hand made with love, it should be handled with special care.


Your jewellery will love you if you keep it free from contact with perfumes and oils, lotions, make up, sweat, chlorine, hairspray, salt water and cleaning solutions.


Clean your jewellery with a damp cloth then pat dry with a soft damp cloth. If possible do this after every wear to remove make up and oils from the skin.


Before jumping in the pool, ocean, steam room, sauna, bathing and showering, give your jewellery a little kiss, slip it off and put it somewhere safe and dry; as all of these delightful activities can cause damage and tarnish your piece.


Be sure to remove your jewellery when playing sport, cleaning, sleeping, cooking etc, and always make sure your jewellery is the first thing that comes off when undressing, so the pieces don’t get caught on your clothes and become damaged.


Store your jewellery in a safe, dry place as moisture can cause tarnishing and may weaken settings, links and clasps. Keep your jewels in a divided box with a few of those silica gel sachets nestled in with them, and you’ve got yourself a moisture free zone.


Over time silver tends to oxidise, creating dark marks in little crevices and causing the metal to dull and little. Jed feels as though this adds a bit of character to the piece, though if you’re not into it send it back or pop in to your local jeweller for a polish and your piece will be shining like new again.


Neglect of care and mistreatment of your jewellery will halve its lifespan, so give it a little bit of love and you will love right you back.


Production Time and Custom Pieces


Upon agreeance of a custom order, Jed will keep in touch and let you know a time frame.


When purchasing, keep in mind that production time can be between 6 to 8 weeks. Please be kind and patient, Jed is only one person. She is a mama first, and an artist second.


For custom pieces, 25% design fee must be made as a non-refundable deposit for design services.


For casting production to commence on a custom piece, the total purchase amount of the piece must first be paid in full. The design fee will be taken off the total amount.



Return policy


If a piece is faulty, it will be repaired or replaced upon agreement of a manufacturing fault.

This does not include general wear and tare, mistreatment and carelessness, treating your jewellery like a toy, tampering with the design or structure, rough play, dropping and general misuse. Any damage caused by mistreatment is the sole responsibility of the buyer.


Returns or exchanges are not accepted due to change of mind or incorrectly ordered ring size or purchase. Please double check ring size before ordering, you can do this by checking the ring size chart on my homepage, or popping into your local jeweller.


At the time of postage, you will be provided with your tracking number. To track your item, visit the Australian Post website or the relevant postage service website of your country.


Jed will not be held accountable for packages sent by registered post or returns that have been lost in transit, and has the right to deny a return if it does not meet the terms laid out in the returns policy.